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Where Babies Never Grow Up!

I create the baby of your dreams!

As creator & owner of MyHeavenlyBlessingsNursery, I personally, will create & design the baby of your dreams! I decided to take up this artistry as a hobby, until after my first creation. Then the decision was made to start my own business, as there are many in search of that baby that "will never grow up"! So due to my love for those babies of all ages, this has become my passion & my employment.

Now to tell you how I create my true to lifelike babies. Each baby is first painted with multiple layers of GHSP (Genesis Heat Set Paints), with baking after each layer, to create that “baby complexion”. During this process is also the detailing: mottling, veining, shading, creasing, capillaries, nails, & if preferred, scratches, stork bites, birthmark, milia (milk bumps). Next I work on the hair, 3D painted or rooted. Once the hair has been completed, it is sealed with glue & magnets are added for a pacifier. Now comes the birthing of the baby. I weight the limbs, head & body with high quality glass beads, & with angel soft stuffing in the body. Then the baby is assembled & weighed, all the while documenting the date, time of “birth”, weight, & length. This is how I create all of my reborn babies!

Finally a list of everything included with every baby that is purchased:    1) Birth Certificate,  2) Hospital Receiving Blanket,  3) Hospital ID Bracelet,  4) Magnetic Pacifier (unless you note that you’re not interested when ordered),  5) Onesie,  6) Socks,  7)Diaper, &  8) Outfit

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